Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Today's Mandala...

Namaste Friend

Here is today's mandala image I got from the source.

Thank you. Have a blessed day ahead!

Warm regards

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Journey- from Darkness to Brilliance

Hi Friend
I wrote this poem about five years back. This is about an individual's plight to cope up with the ongoing conflict within, accepting self and enhancing one’s self-esteem. Hope you would like it.

A sweet, li’l charming girl me,
I was born with a silver-spoon;
Unheard were the melodies,
and the songs that I would croon.

Movies, parties, zooming around,
Food n friends to surround;
Only fritter, chit-chatter
I was Mad like a Hatter.

My dreams were so vivid,
Desires so high; 
Every time I took a leap,
I came down with a sigh!

I got up every time, and won
accolades a ton; but
My heart would cry and yell
Dear, this is not done!

I dug inside, deeper and deeper 
To my soul’s core;
It was dark as night all around,
I could go no furthermore

Peeping further inside,
Into the crappie hell;
Came a voice soothing
I feel, I must tell.

Buried were my strangled desires,
Feelings of guilt and shame;
They grew enormously there
As I couldn’t tame them.

But friend, it was time
to clear all that grime.
And I started singing
My life’s melodious rhyme.

So I upped my esteem, and
Hugged myself tight;
Gone was the dark night, and
Everything was just bright!

Thank you! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

A Big Thank You...

Dear Friend

I thank you from the fathoms of my heart for being a "Peace Ambassador" to spread World Peace. You may meditate each day... everyday... to reinforce peace, within and around you. There is only thing that is required in today's world... and that is PEACE.

Here is a token of appreciation for you and those from your circle of influence who participated in World Peace Event-IV, 2015. Please download this certificate, write your name in beautiful letters on the blue line, and live in peace, always!

Once again, thanks a ton for joining us in this unique initiative of my organization--Spiritual Konnect.

Would love to see you, and many of your family members and friends at this event on January 1st, 2016.

I wish you all a very happy, fulfilling, meaningful and peaceful year ahead!

Bye for now. Have a blessed day!