Sunday, March 25, 2018

My New Book-- Pearls of Wisdom


I am glad to share my joy with you at the launch of yet another book, “Pearls of Wisdom” today.

This is my third book of the year 2018 (and fifth so far). This book is a gem every mother should gift to her children. I did just that!!! The book contains 1111 (One thousand One hundred and Eleven) instructions on how to live a meaningful life. The journey of this book was wonderful. Initially, I thought of writing 1001 instructions, and during a short break from writing, the thought of writing 1111 instructions sprang to mind. At that very moment, I happened to look at my clock and it was 11:11. Oh, wow! And I decided to write 1111 instructions. The book has been edited by both my daughters. Possess a copy to make your life more meaningful, and gift this book to those who matter to you.

Priced very economically at INR 249/-, the book is available in electronic as well as paperback version.

Thank you.
Dr. Manisha