Saturday, July 22, 2017

Alphabetically Yours-- 5 Ws to Increase Your Spiritual Wealth

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I am sure you are feeling upbeat, today. 

Here are five Ws to increase your spiritual wealth. I hope this post would help you in life. 

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Self discovery through Spiritual Drawings...My New Mandala

Namaste friend

How are you doing?

Today, I am bringing you another mandala drawing toward self discovery.

This was drawn during my flight from Mumbai to Kathmandu on July 7th. I have noticed that whenever I travel, I am often guided by the Source to draw something that showcases the exact state of my inner core at that particular moment. I generally carry my drawing booklet wherever I go. But, this time, I forgot to take it along. But the urge to draw was so much that I took out the print-out of my ticket and drew this piece on it...

The beautiful image of a flower with six petals surrounded by six leaves is the starting point of this Mandala. After being driven by the guidance from the Supreme Source, I drew the spirals above the flower, then leaves on it which were followed by spirals and leaves again.

Then, I drew the image on the left hand side where there are more leaves and spirals and three dots.
If you look at the image on the right hand side, it has more of flowers, semi circles, two spirals a few dots.
Please take a look at that there is no definite pattern in my drawing. There is no symmetry. It was drawn as it came to my mind, without giving any particular thought. I just went on drawing the picture and stopped finally when I felt like stopping. Truly driven by my psyche, guided by my Higher Self.
Let us try to understand the meaning of this Mandala.

The Middle Image:
·The number six —Number six is supposed to be the perfect number. It is the number of inner strength, inner wisdom and inner vision. It is your gateway to unlocking your potential and creating anything that you desire. I was definitely guided by the Supreme lord to create miraculous reality.
·The six-petalled flower symbolizes the development of manifestation. This is also known as the Wheel of Life or Flower of Life. It is also called as the flower of life mystery.
· The leaves symbolize growth, renewal, revival, and all beings of the Universe.
·Spirals—Depict continuity and slow revelation of things. It means evolution.
·Three dots—The ellipsis are a continuation of a journey or a path that is not lucid at the moment but will manifest itself in a while. It also means something that may not be said clearly but is implied.
·The spirals and leaves spreading upwardly in both directions—The Universe is open... go... chase your dream!

The Left hand side Image:
·Leaves—Here, the leaves are not attached to a stem; they are rather strewn all over. But they are also near one another. This depicts the individual nature of our Souls. It also symbolizes that the Souls, though, individualistic, are collectively together. They are in synch, they are in harmony.
·The image at the top is the symbol of the Body, Mind and Soul.
·The decorations in the image depict a happy state of mind.

The Image on the Right hand Side:
·Seven Petalled Flowers-- It leads you through a journey of Spiritual ascension. It also symbolizes seven directions of space, seven degrees of perfection and opening of doors of the seventh heaven for you.
·The Curved Lines—These symbolize fluidity, calm, and the property of going with the flow.
·Number Three (Three curved lines)—Signifies Past-Present-Future, Body-Mind-Soul, Earth-Water-Sky, Material-Astral-Spiritual planes, Beginning-Middle-End

So..., this is how my journey to kathmandu has been. Those who know me personally, or have witnessed the same kind of experience before with me, or also those who met me there, would agree that how true and miraculous the Mandala drawing has come about. Mandalas are definitely a tool to self discovery, a tool to understand your inner core.

I hope you enjoyed your journey of reading and understanding my Mandala drawing. Happy Self Discovery to you....

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Alphabetically Yours-- 5 Vs to Add Value to Your Life

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How are you doing? 
I have been away for a while. Today, I am bringing you five Vs. Add value to your life...

Thank you.
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Have a blessed life ahead!