Friday, July 20, 2012

Spiritual Routine for a Pregnant Woman

A woman who is pregnant should follow a spiritual routine. And this is not something that she may find difficult to stick to. I always suggest having flexibility in whatever you may do. And also, please go slow and steady. One should never overdo something.
The first and foremost thing is to clean the mind, body and soul; spiritually. For this I recommend that the woman should allot at least 10 minutes every morning and evening for herself; exclusively for herself. This should be your “Me-time,” and no one should disturb you at this time. So, please take your own time to allot the most suitable time for this. The cleansing routine is just like cleaning your house, tidying up your bed and other rooms of your house.
·         Sit down cross-legged on the floor, or on the bed. Please use your own judgment as far as comfort is concerned. While following your spiritual routine please stick to your medical advice. If you are allowed to sit this way, well and good; or you may just lie down on your bed.
·         Imagine a white light coming down from the sky, and entering your body through your feet.
·         Imagine that this light is pure, and powerful.
·         This white light empowers everything it touches.
·          It is a relaxing light.
·         It relaxes every cell of your body.
·         Feel that relaxation entering your body.
·         This light cleans all toxins from your body.
·         Feel it!
·         Now imagine every part of your body being touched by this white light.
·         And getting cleansed.
·         See the dirt going out from that organ, and that part is now shining with a light that is so pure.
·         Then cleanse your mind of all negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
·         See them going out of your mind.
·         And feel the positivity growing within you.
·         Now, imagine that white light cleansing your soul of any past injuries, guilt, pains, sufferings, etc.
·         See all that going out of your soul.
·         And see your soul glowing as never before.
This routine may take more than ten minutes initially. But once you are used to it, it takes even less than ten minutes.
Do it now, and feel the difference.

Friday, July 13, 2012

The impact of the Mother’s thoughts on the fetus

Thoughts play a very big role in our life. Our life is carved by our thoughts and thought pattern. By now, we all know that in Spirituality, “Like attracts like.” A positive thought attracts more positive thoughts, and a negative one, more negative ones!
In pregnancy however, the importance of the thought vibration increases by multifold. The fetus is attached to the mother through the umbilical cord. This is the only, and the most important connection between the mother and the child. Whatever’s being taken in by the mother is taken as it is by the child. The bodily organs begin their development at the right time. The brain is in rudimentary stage. But the presence of universal consciousness in the soul give an extra edge to the fetus to take everything as it is. The fetal mind is in an unconscious state. It is in the “Alpha State” of mind that is just apt to transfer any conscious thoughts in it by the mother or anyone else in the surroundings. This is the same as the meditative state (hypnotic state) when affirmations are transferred in the unconscious mind of the subject.
The mother is a conscious being, but her thoughts are not conscious. Our thoughts are mostly random thoughts, generated from nowhere. If these thoughts are positive, which is a very rare case though, I say, it is a good sign for the mother and the child. But the problem is that we think negative most of the times, and this creates issues later in life of the baby and the parents. How?
The fetal mind takes all that has been fed to it by the way of thoughts, as it is. It just stores the information in some corner of its naive mind. When the baby is born, it observes the world with his or her own eyes, and takes a note of everything that is around him or her. This information is also stored on an unconscious level. As the child grows, it starts analyzing the information stored for so long. And with his or her own knowledge and awareness at that point of time, he or she starts making opinion about you as a parent and others in the close surrounding. If the child finds something contrasting to his or her own beliefs, he or she starts behaving in a manner that you may not like.
Many people say that their child is behaving in a strange manner since he or she has entered adolescence. I ask them, why do you fret now? This is all transferred from you, since the time immemorial! And they give me a scowled look. Yes, you have fed contrasting information to your child, and you have no right to punish your child at this stage.
Therefore, all ‘would be mothers,’ please watch your thoughts. Because unconsciously you end up laying foundation for your child’s behavior at a much later stage of his or her life!
At this point, I would like to share with you all something very personal. I come from a very religious and spiritual family. I have never seen my parents or siblings harming anyone, hurting anyone. We follow all values that a human being should follow. When I was a child, my parents would tell me at least one bedtime story each night, mostly from our Hindu Scriptures. When I listened to the story of Abhimanyu, I asked many questions to my parents. I remember, I was barely six then. Since then I started observing pregnant women in my close relationship and neighborhood. I observed them keenly, their behavior, thinking pattern, home atmosphere, their eating habits, educational background, etc.

I was harboring these secret thoughts in my unconscious mind that I want to know more about what goes on in the womb, how is the baby affected by mother's thoughts, behavior etc. While on conscious level I wanted to become a Gynecologist, unconsciously I was focusing on other metaphysical issues related with pregnancy and upbringing of a child. I could not get into medical field, but my bedtime story got me into full-time research on pregnancy related issues and upbringing of children. And I got my doctorate doing a full-time research on this. And my research is still on...

Watch your thoughts. They manifest themselves in due course of time. You cannot hide your thoughts, you cannot keep your thoughts a secret. They will surely come to fruition, sooner or later. This is very important for a mother to watch her thoughts, because unconsciously, you are passing on your thoughts to your unborn child too.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Food for Expectant Mothers

Conception is the first step toward starting a new life. There are many more steps that would follow this very first step. The day the female comes to know that she is pregnant; she should make up her mind for a host of changes that would occur on a day-to-day basis.
First of all start eating the food that is just right for you and your baby. Though vegetarian diet has its own impact on the overall spiritual growth of an individual, yet I do not like to stop anyone from continuing with one’s own food preference. The reason being that pregnancy, as it is brings many changes in the diet and dietary habits of the mother. Some expectant mothers start loving a typical food product or a dish that they usually do not prefer, or some mothers just do not like their favorite dish during this term. So, I would suggest them to consider the following things. You may alter them to suit your own preferences.
·         Try to eat fresh as far as possible.
·         Avoid outside food, canned food, and any other type of preserved food. All such types of foods contain a lot of salt and other preservatives that are better avoided during this nine months term.
·         It is recommended that you cook for yourself. But if you have a cook, please make sure that the cook is not angry at the time of cooking. The emotions of the person who is cooking the food are passed on to the food. When you also cook for yourself, be happy, have no stress, tensions or negative thoughts. And this is not applicable only during pregnancy, but otherwise also.
·         Do not bring up any topic of discontent, disagreement on the dining table. Eat with full positive thoughts in your mind. Always vibrate your food with the positive vibes of the Universe. For this, just pray to your God, if you believe in one, or simply pray the Universe to fill this food with its positivity.
·         Add some fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet plan. Stick to the diet plan given by your gynac or dietician.
·         Break your meals into smaller portions. If you have morning sickness, talk to your doctor. He or she will give you some medication or would suggest some remedy. Please do not try anything at home without consulting your doctor.
·         Self medication and any home remedies are a strict no no. Sometimes, common herbs and/or spices from our kitchen shelf may induce some allergic reactions. Therefore, it is better to steer clear of these things.
Self cooked food, or vibrated food will go down well with your child also. The reason is very simple. The soul that is taking a full physical form to accomplish its purpose on this planet is still inside the womb. It lives in a direct contact with the Universe. There is a heavy exchange of energy between the soul and the Universe. The soul vibrates at a higher frequency than a physical body. So, the soul loves the food that is vibrated with the positive vibrations of the Universe.
The cravings felt by the mother are also said to be because of the soul inside. The cravings depend upon the soul character. Like, during my pregnancies (both); I could not tolerate the smell of onion and garlic. I am a pure vegetarian, but put onion and garlic in a few dishes. I ate food without onion and garlic for full nine months, and did not feel as if I missed anything. Everyone would say that some saintly soul is coming to your house. And yes, both my daughters are very spiritual.
While eating, talk to your child. Ask the baby within, how did it like the food? Even though the fetus doesn’t get the taste of the dish you are eating, it does get the chemicals contained in the food. And again, as per the medical science, the fetus doesn’t understand what is being eaten by the mother; but a soul has consciousness in it, and it does understand everything. Only thing is that we are not able to prove such things in a laboratory as of now; but all this goes beyond the premise of the physics and we are talking in metaphysical terms that are way beyond the reach of physics. Therefore, be aware of what you are eating, how you are eating, and continue talking with your unborn child. This will help you bond with your child in a better way.