Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Food for Expectant Mothers

Conception is the first step toward starting a new life. There are many more steps that would follow this very first step. The day the female comes to know that she is pregnant; she should make up her mind for a host of changes that would occur on a day-to-day basis.
First of all start eating the food that is just right for you and your baby. Though vegetarian diet has its own impact on the overall spiritual growth of an individual, yet I do not like to stop anyone from continuing with one’s own food preference. The reason being that pregnancy, as it is brings many changes in the diet and dietary habits of the mother. Some expectant mothers start loving a typical food product or a dish that they usually do not prefer, or some mothers just do not like their favorite dish during this term. So, I would suggest them to consider the following things. You may alter them to suit your own preferences.
·         Try to eat fresh as far as possible.
·         Avoid outside food, canned food, and any other type of preserved food. All such types of foods contain a lot of salt and other preservatives that are better avoided during this nine months term.
·         It is recommended that you cook for yourself. But if you have a cook, please make sure that the cook is not angry at the time of cooking. The emotions of the person who is cooking the food are passed on to the food. When you also cook for yourself, be happy, have no stress, tensions or negative thoughts. And this is not applicable only during pregnancy, but otherwise also.
·         Do not bring up any topic of discontent, disagreement on the dining table. Eat with full positive thoughts in your mind. Always vibrate your food with the positive vibes of the Universe. For this, just pray to your God, if you believe in one, or simply pray the Universe to fill this food with its positivity.
·         Add some fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet plan. Stick to the diet plan given by your gynac or dietician.
·         Break your meals into smaller portions. If you have morning sickness, talk to your doctor. He or she will give you some medication or would suggest some remedy. Please do not try anything at home without consulting your doctor.
·         Self medication and any home remedies are a strict no no. Sometimes, common herbs and/or spices from our kitchen shelf may induce some allergic reactions. Therefore, it is better to steer clear of these things.
Self cooked food, or vibrated food will go down well with your child also. The reason is very simple. The soul that is taking a full physical form to accomplish its purpose on this planet is still inside the womb. It lives in a direct contact with the Universe. There is a heavy exchange of energy between the soul and the Universe. The soul vibrates at a higher frequency than a physical body. So, the soul loves the food that is vibrated with the positive vibrations of the Universe.
The cravings felt by the mother are also said to be because of the soul inside. The cravings depend upon the soul character. Like, during my pregnancies (both); I could not tolerate the smell of onion and garlic. I am a pure vegetarian, but put onion and garlic in a few dishes. I ate food without onion and garlic for full nine months, and did not feel as if I missed anything. Everyone would say that some saintly soul is coming to your house. And yes, both my daughters are very spiritual.
While eating, talk to your child. Ask the baby within, how did it like the food? Even though the fetus doesn’t get the taste of the dish you are eating, it does get the chemicals contained in the food. And again, as per the medical science, the fetus doesn’t understand what is being eaten by the mother; but a soul has consciousness in it, and it does understand everything. Only thing is that we are not able to prove such things in a laboratory as of now; but all this goes beyond the premise of the physics and we are talking in metaphysical terms that are way beyond the reach of physics. Therefore, be aware of what you are eating, how you are eating, and continue talking with your unborn child. This will help you bond with your child in a better way.


  1. Dear Dr,
    Will saintly child be born to only vegetarians??? I expect my baby to be saintly. During my first pregnancy,i was vegetarian and was doing meditation and chants regulary.I delivered a boy with chinmudra but i cant tell that he is very spiritual now. he is 4years now. Now that i am pregnant second time, though i have expectation of a saintly soul to be born, i prefer to eat nonveg nowadays.Sometimes it makes me worried,but i couldnt resist eating it. Also i would like to know what amount of stress affects the baby, 'cos in todays world no parent can be stress free during pregnancy.

  2. Dear Vani,
    I apologize for my delayed response.
    I thank you for your comment, and appreciate your quest for your concern.
    As far as your cravings about nonvegetarian food go, I would like to tell you that the cravings during pregnancy are closely associated with the cravings of the fetus. Please tell me, if you wish to;what were your thoughts during conception? Did you "Focus" upon having a saintly soul in your womb while you and your partner were coming together, or the thought of having a saintly soul came to your mind later?
    Now about your first child--what does spirituality mean to you? How do you define "Spirituality" in your mind and heart? He will surely come out to be a different child. Please be patient with him, and expect nothing from him. You will notice his virtues over a period of time.
    About stress--Any little amount of stress can affect the fetus. You are right in saying that no parent can be stress free in today's life. It is not the stress that troubles us, but how one responds to stress matters. Try to continue with your meditations and chants. To tackle stress you may listen to some soothing music. Try connecting with Nature. It is a great stress buster.
    You may continue eating what you feel like, whether vegetarian or nonvegetarian food, but please do not get stressed out because of that. Enjoy whatever you may eat. And before you begin your meals say the Universal prayer for the five elements and souls.
    I hope this helps. Should you have any other query, please feel free to ask me.
    Thanks once again for writing to me. I wish you my best. Take care! Warm regards
    Rev. Dr. Manisha Anwekar :)