Thursday, July 5, 2012

Preparation before conception

The partners should prepare for this sacred union. Please read the following points to prepare yourself for conception. Plan at least four months in advance that now you would like to start the family.
Physical Preparation:
·         Follow a healthy routine. Eat healthy, sleep well, and exercise regularly.
·         Cleanse your body of any toxins that may have built up over a period of time.
·         Go for a full medical checkup, this includes a visit to your gynecologist, to a pathology lab, to a physician, and a dietician.
·         Avoid excessive smoking and alcohol. These things have proved to be a disaster in the quality and quantity of sperms, and may even bring abortions or premature deliveries in the female partner.
·         For females also, these things do no good to you or to your baby either. It’s better to steer clear of these things.
I’ll never try to do any sort of moral policing. It is your personal life, and only you can decide what to do and what not to. I can only share my knowledge with you to make yourself aware of a few things that we either do not know, or mostly, try to ignore! Rest is up to you.
Mental Preparation:
Just be mentally prepared that the child that will come to your family will need some extra time, extra efforts, and extra care. The husband or the male partner should be prepared mentally to take care of himself, his female partner and also the baby, if the circumstances require so. He should be willing to help the new mother and the baby in all possible ways, including nappy change!
 The ‘would be’ mother should be prepared to lose her good night’s sleep. The baby takes time to adjust to the outer environment. Before the baby is born, it remains in the warmth of the womb. After coming out, it is suddenly exposed to the raised noise levels, a lot of light, people around, and fluctuating temperatures. It is but natural for a baby to feel uncomfortable. That’s why they take quite some time adjusting to all these changes.
Therefore, please be prepared for all that!
Emotional Preparation:
Both the partners should be emotionally prepared to have a new life after conception. There are various changes occurring in the body every day. This may make the female partner a bit moody, irritable. The male partner should take charge of his life as well as his partner’s life. He should provide her full physical, mental and emotional support. The hormones in a female’s body play truant sometimes. Therefore, the male partner should have a proper control on his temperament.
Financial Planning:
A new comer in the family will surely increase the budget of the family. And he or she being so small and vulnerable, you may need some extra pennies toward the medical, weaning, and other expenditure of the baby. Please be prepared for such emergency expenses. You may strike a balance by balancing your own expenditure for a few months. Start saving before the conception occurs.
Just come together, without having any expectations from that particular act. Enjoy the feeling of togetherness, and just be yourself. No anxiety, no anger, no negative feelings of any kind; just you and your loving partner, that’s it!

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