Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Journey- from Darkness to Brilliance

Hi Friend
I wrote this poem about five years back. This is about an individual's plight to cope up with the ongoing conflict within, accepting self and enhancing one’s self-esteem. Hope you would like it.

A sweet, li’l charming girl me,
I was born with a silver-spoon;
Unheard were the melodies,
and the songs that I would croon.

Movies, parties, zooming around,
Food n friends to surround;
Only fritter, chit-chatter
I was Mad like a Hatter.

My dreams were so vivid,
Desires so high; 
Every time I took a leap,
I came down with a sigh!

I got up every time, and won
accolades a ton; but
My heart would cry and yell
Dear, this is not done!

I dug inside, deeper and deeper 
To my soul’s core;
It was dark as night all around,
I could go no furthermore

Peeping further inside,
Into the crappie hell;
Came a voice soothing
I feel, I must tell.

Buried were my strangled desires,
Feelings of guilt and shame;
They grew enormously there
As I couldn’t tame them.

But friend, it was time
to clear all that grime.
And I started singing
My life’s melodious rhyme.

So I upped my esteem, and
Hugged myself tight;
Gone was the dark night, and
Everything was just bright!

Thank you!