Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Alphabetically Yours-- 5 Os Towards Oneness of the Universe

Namaste Friend!

I hope you have re-established your connection with yourself!

Today, I am bringing you 5 Os. Feel the Oneness of the Universe. Here we go... 

Thanks for reading. 
I wish you a blessed life ahead!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Amitabha Buddha Painting

Namaste Friend

This is the painting of Amitabha Buddha, the Buddha of Infinite Light and Life. 

I wish you a radiant life ahead.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Alphabetically Yours- 5 Ns to Understand Your Spiritual Nature

Namaste Friend

It's been quite some time I visited my own sacred space, yup, my blog. I hope you have been doing great.

Today, I am bringing you 5 Ns to help you understand the true nature of your Soul. Here we go...

Thank you for reading. 
I wish you a blessed life ahead!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Alphabetically Yours-- 5 Ms to Lead A Meaningful Life

Namaste Friend!

Want to make your life more meaningful? Read on...

Thanks for reading.
I wish you a blessed life ahead!

Monday, April 10, 2017

My New Mandala Drawing

Namaste Friend

I am sure, you are feeling blessed today!

Today, I want to share one more Mandala with you I drew in the flight on my way back home, yesterday. One interesting thing to note is that I was extremely tired after a very hectic days work, and was almost sleepy , but my mind was fully awake and my spiritual instincts too, guided me to the deepest core of my psyche. The Mandala thus emerged is extremely powerful and meaningful. Please have a deeper look at the Mandala...

The details are as below:
1. The bud-- Signifies the opening of the heart and fulfillment of your deepest dreams.
2. Five Petals--Signify that a massive change in the life is coming.
3. Eight Petals-- Signify infinity, new life, the balance and the order of the universe.
4. The Wavy pattern-- Signifies the expansion of your vibrations in the universe
5. Three rays at the end of the wave-- These are the first three rays. They depict--    a) Past, Present and Future
   b) The harmony of opposites in the universe--the male, the female and balance            between them.
   c) The ray of will and power, the ray of love and wisdom and the third one is the ray      of Divine intelligence. 
   d) Birth, Life, Death or birth, death and rebirth. 
6. Diamonds at the end of the rays-- Signify ascension, clarity, wisdom and continuity.
7. Three circles in increasing order--Expansion of the three realms from physical to           mental to more fulfilling spiritual realm. 

Yes, I must admit that a major change is coming my way and I am all set for that. God willing, I shall accomplish my life's mission.

Thank you for reading.
Have a blessed life ahead.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

My Most Meaningful Mandala So Far...

Namaste Friend!

How are you feeling today?

Today, I am bringing you the best of my Mandalas so far. This is indeed the most meaningful one too, till date.

Before getting into the detail, I would like to share with you that I drew this Mandala in the late afternoon on April 5th. I was sitting quite on my meditation couch with my eyes closed. And, suddenly, I started getting some images in my mind. Since last few months, I was in the "mode of giving;" sharing my knowledge with many, giving away my prized possessions to a few and more. 

The same thoughts and the vibrations are depicted in this Mandala. I was wondering on the beauty of Mandala knowledge, how we get the same thoughts and/or thought patterns on a piece of paper that were doing rounds in our mind for some time.

Now, over to the detail of this Mandala:

As you can see, there is a seven petaled flower. The number seven vibrates with the collective consciousness of the Universe, your inner calling and your higher, spiritual purpose. Also, advancement of your Soul Purpose and extending a helping hand to others to resume the path of your Soul Purpose. Number seven also has a wider meaning with the seven major body chakras, seven realms of spirituality and more. And, at this point of time, I wish to do the same!

The bud (central part of the flower) represents the spiritual potential. And the seven wavy lines radiating from it represent that the emerging vibrations are spreading in all possible directions; from the center to the outer space. Yes, I want to spread my knowledge in all possible directions and fine-tune my purpose with yours!

The three triangles depict the three realms of Body, Mind and Spirit. You can see them getting bigger in size as we move from the bodily state at the bottom to the mental state in the middle to the spiritual state at the top. The bodily purpose is getting smaller day-by-day and the spiritual one is increasing. How amazing is this, my friend! I am exactly in the same state of consciousness.

The embellished cup at the top of the Mandala with a Huge Jewel is my treasure that is ready to be shared with the world. The cup is open and full of jewels. I wish to give it all before I move on to the higher realm.... It is definitely up for grabs.

The five spirals at the top represent continuity and the maintained balance in the five basic elements, the Panch Mahabhootas or Panch Tattvas-- Earth, Water, Fire,Air and Ether (Sky). Everything that began with the same Five elements will eventually merge with the same five elements at the end of this cycle.

My friend, this is truly a wonderful feeling to have gotten such a beautiful and meaningful Mandala. Mandala is a self discovery tool. You also give it a try and see what comes out of it.

You take a good care of yourself, and feel free to ask for guidance on Mandalas.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed your journey through my Mandala.

Bye for now.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

New Mandala Drawn During My Spiritual Detox Phase...


This is my new Mandala drawn during my detox phase. 

It seems to be in the shape of a conch shell. The spiritual symbolism points at the new beginning, and I must admit that I have begun a new, more fulfilling phase in my life after this short detox.

Here is the Mandala...

Thanks for reading.
Have a blessed day ahead!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Alphabetically Yours-- 5 Ls to Light Your Spiritual Path

Namaste Friend,

I hope you are following the Spiritual alphabets systematically. Today, I am bringing you five Ls to assist you in lighting up your spiritual path. Here we go...

Thank you for reading.
Have a blessed life ahead!