Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spiritually Crafted Babies...

Let us first understand the role of Spirituality before, during and after conception. Our physical body has a soul inside it. That is the source of all life force within us. The ultimate aim of every soul is to become one with God. We incarnate on this plane to accomplish one or more tasks that would bring us closer to the divine. And, depending upon our objective/s, our soul incarnates.
Unlike science where the opposites attract; in metaphysics, or to make it simpler, in spirituality--“Like attracts like.” Tell me who doesn’t want a child who is sweet looking, intelligent, disciplined, honest, and an all rounder. If you too wish to have a child like this, please get into the spiritual mode and bring home a “Spiritually crafted baby.” Sounds interesting???
What are “Spiritually crafted babies?” I’m sure you would have heard of designer babies, where you chose the genes for a particular character to occur in your baby. For example, blue eyes, blond hair, a differently colored skin that’s different than yours, curly or straight hair, etc. But all these add to the physical appearance of your child. What I’m talking about is about designing your child spiritually so that he or she can become a responsible, peace loving, caring, and compassionate human being.
Are you game to bring in a “Spiritually crafted baby” in your life to enhance the condition of your life, and the life condition of the human race as a whole? If yes, please follow my posts, and ask questions, if you have any?

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