Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Imbibing discipline in the fetus

Every parent, and also a would-be parent wishes to have a child that is disciplined. Am I right? Absolutely! No one wants to have a child that is pesky, rude, not listening to the parents etc., etc. If you also wish to have a baby who is disciplined, discipline yourself first!
If you are thinking that I have gone mad, then, yes, I’ve gone mad; and I’m glad to go mad.

Never demand anything that you are not doing. If you don’t care about time, don’t ask your child to respect time. If you are not honest, don’t ask for honesty from your child. And if you want your child to do a particular thing; you do it first. Many parents come to me asking for help for their children. They are worried about the TV habits of their kids. They say, their kids watch TV all the time. And the parents themselves watch so many programs on TV. If the TV is on 24*7; how do you ask your children not to watch it? First you should control your habits, and then only ask your children to follow.
The womb is a place that is not visible to you from outside. You just have no idea of what all is going inside. But the fetus has consciousness, and it understands all.

This is a special word for the parents of teenagers. If you feel at any point of time that your adolescent son or daughter is going out of control; be assured that the seeds of this behavior of your child were sown during your pregnancy!!! Perplexed???
What you sow so shall you reap. During pregnancy, your thoughts, intent, words, and actions were penetrating inside the womb in the form of waves. And the child within absorbed all. The fetus does not have a capacity to decipher the meaning of the said words, but its unconscious mind stores all the information that has been passed on to it. When the baby comes out, it just observes things around him or her. There are times when your child does not agree with your thinking process, or behavior; but is in a helpless state. As the child grows he or she starts making opinion about your behavior. Your child pays attention to each and every detail. What you say, what you do? Do you do what you say or not? Are you honest, are you disciplined, are you trustworthy, and so many things. A little conflict in your child’s mind is enough to bring the castle of your dreams down.
Watch your thoughts. Develop your personality the same way as you would like your child to be. Have no conflicts. Be true to yourself, respect yourself, and others! If you are cautious during your pregnancy, there is no reason that the child will not be a good, loving and caring child; developing into a responsible citizen.

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