Monday, August 6, 2012

What to talk to the fetus

Today, I would like to discuss about what to talk to the baby inside.
As I had written earlier also that even though medical science says that the fetus can listen to the outer voices after seventh month or so; spirituality believes that the fetus can hear mother’s words and feel her emotions too. Whenever you are eating something, talk to your baby that you are eating so and so. It is healthy, and you would love it. This is sweet/sour/salty or whatever. And that the baby would love its taste.
The food the mother eats breaks down obviously as the process of digestion begins. And the baby doesn’t get anything in the same form as the mother ate. But, this gives you an opportunity to talk to your child.
When you are doing some household chores, tell the baby that you are doing… (tell the chore). Share your childhood days. Tell stories about your schools, family etc. During your office meetings, tell your child to go to sleep as you will be busy in the meeting. You can talk anything and everything to your child.
I generally recommend would-be mother’s not to talk of any relationships with the baby in the womb. It has been observed that the children, whose mothers talked a lot about her relationships with others, have the same kind of feeling toward that person, and in most cases such feelings were not very encouraging.
What’s the hurry? The baby is in the womb for a period of nine months. Why to feed something that is really not of any importance to the child? Let the child come out. Let him or her bond with the relatives. Let him or her make his or her own opinion about the people around him or her. Never feed the poison to your child. Talk of good things, feed positive thoughts; and refrain from giving any negative talk.
Quite a few very enthusiastic would-be parents ask me that they want to teach the unborn baby alphabets, numbers etc. I suggest that it is too early for the child to do that. This is the only time when your child is away from the alphabets and number. Let him/her enjoy, let him/her play, let him/her be him/herself. Once he/she is out, there is no go for him or her. Do not feed more than he/she can handle.
You may sing nice, loving songs to your child. You may put soothing music during the day. Some chants, religious, classical music CDs, or guided meditation CDs. All these vibrations enter the womb, and make the baby feel good.
Refrain from talking bad about someone, any disheartening incidents, hurt you received from someone. Just be yourself, be happy. Enjoy each and every moment of your pregnancy.

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