Monday, May 21, 2012

Body Chakras continued...

Chakras are energy centers in our body, and hence are vulnerable to attracting energies that may or may not be conducive to one’s growth. What do I mean by this sentence? We have learned some time back that thoughts are energy, and there are other vibrations also in the universe around us. Every thought generates energy in the form of thoughts that follow the first thought, or in some kind of an action. If the very first thought was positive, it is likely to generate other positive thoughts and actions; but if it was not, negative thoughts and actions are generated. We all know that in metaphysics, “Like attracts like.” So if there are positive thoughts, they will attract positive energy; and vice versa.
One more thing I would like all of you to pay attention to is that the energy generated from every thought, every action will end up either opening a Chakra or blocking it. If it is open it will attract more positive energy; and if it is blocked, it goes on attracting negative energy. This negative energy blocks the Chakra further and manifests in the form of various illnesses.
Apart from our own thoughts, Chakras are affected by the thought vibrations of people around us and surroundings. Again, positive vibrations will attract positive vibes, and negative ones—negative vibes. So be cautious of what to think, talk, do, and also watch your company. I’m not saying this because you are judged by the company you keep; but because you attract vibrations from everything and everyone around you. So, try to be in a good, very good company.
Chakras are also affected by feelings—happiness, love, compassion, selflessness, satisfaction, meaning, give and take, ability to forgive and forget and any other positive feeling; and also by negative feelings like—fear, guilt, anxiety, revenge, stress, and any other emotional traumas. Do I need to emphasize on the effects these feelings generate?
Colors too play an important role in Chakras’ health as every Chakra vibrates on a particular frequency. Excessive use of any particular color may influence the health of a Chakra.


  1. i am following your thread in IL, nice to see the blog, where all the contents are available in one link. You have lot of knowledge and thnaks for sharing it with others.You are doing a very noble job. keep up the good work

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