Monday, May 21, 2012

Body Chakras continued...

The energy enters our body through two main places—from the Crown Chakra (top of our head) and from the feet. Our body absorbs and releases energy from all Chakras, including the Crown Chakra and feet. There is a two way current in our body. The energy that enters our body from the Crown is basically the Divine energy, the Universal force, the Life Force or Prana--the power of our higher-self, the power of who you are. And the energy that enters through the feet is the ground energy—the energy of Mother Earth. We take the vibrations from Mother Earth into our body through our feet.

The Divine energy that enters through our Crown is grounded through the feet. It is much like an electric circuit. We receive the energy from the universe and earth it, or ground it at the floor. Our body is a good conductor of electricity, and hence needs grounding from time to time.

Have you ever experienced any of these:
1.    You are anxious for no apparent reason?
2.    You are angry/ depressed/ nervous for no apparent reason?
3.    You are feeling lethargic without any strenuous work?
4.    You are restless?
If your answer to any of the above questions is “Yes,” then next time you feel anything like this—please ground yourself!!!
What does “grounding” mean? I’m sure, we all studied physics in school. Just go back to the basic chapters of science, and brush up your knowledge on Conductors of heat, electricity, and magnetism. Human body is a good conductor of all the above three. So the excess charge on our body needs to be “discharged” off. Hence we should ground ourselves regularly.
If you experience anything like mentioned above, please do the following:
1.    Remove your footwear, and stand or walk on the floor tiles bare feet for at least ten to fifteen minutes. You may even sit on the floor without taking any cushion etc.
2.    Make sure the floor is not a wooden one, as wood is a bad conductor of electricity.
3.    Wash your feet with plain water, or if possible wash with salted water.
4.    Walk on the grass.
5.    Meditate, imagining all the excess charge leaving your body through all possible routes, and making you feel a bit lighter.
You should ground yourself after your meditation, when you wake up in the morning, and whenever you chant any powerful Mantras.
Excess of charge in your body will have a lasting effect on Chakras as the energy flows through the Chakras, and if any Chakra is blocked or imbalanced, it will affect your very being.

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