Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Root Chakra

Let’s discuss about The Root Chakra today.
Root Chakra, also known as Muladhar Chakra is located at the base of the spine. To locate it on your body, imagine yourself sitting cross-legged on the floor. The place exactly between the sex organs and the anal opening is the place of the Root Chakra.
As the name suggests, this Chakra is responsible for the feeling of grounding yourself. This is the only Chakra that is in direct contact with the earth, and hence is responsible for the energy flow from our body toward the earth and vice versa.
Now visualize the body parts that come in this region. This Chakra affects kidneys, adrenals, sex organs, hips, pelvis, large intestine, urinary bladder, legs, male gonads and tail bone (coccyx). This Chakra is also known to affect the blood circulation, nails, teeth and bones. Therefore, if this Chakra is not balanced, it may manifest in the form of illnesses of anus, rectum, sexual disorders in males, constipation, fluctuation in body temperature, anemia etc.
Psychologically, it has a great impact on our behavior, impulsiveness, grounding, the feeling of belongingness, sexuality, vitality, survival instinct, and security. This Chakra mainly helps an individual to feel satisfied in his or her material world.
Emotionally it provides the passion for anything and everything. The color of this chakra is RED.
An underactive Root Chakra makes one feel insecure, fearsome, anxious, impulsive, and lonely; while an overactive Root Chakra may bring in falsehood in behavior, ego, lust, and excessive hunger for money.
This Chakra stores the information about our past beliefs, biases, physical pleasures and pains, and importantly basic instincts.
To balance this Chakra you may consider doing the following:
·         Imagine a vibrant red beam of light, entering your body at the Root Chakra.
·         Imagine the beam converting into a spinning wheel. At first, imagine the wheel spinning anticlockwise. This will deplete negative energy, if any; and then spin the wheel clockwise. This will absorb positive energy from the universe.
·         You may listen to some tribal music, drum beats, or any soft music to balance this Chakra.
·         You may even consider doing some physical exercises like yoga, Mantra meditation, walking, jogging etc.
·         Depending upon the energy of your Root Chakra, you may reduce or enhance the use of color RED on your body and in surroundings.
I sincerely wish that you all have a balanced Root Chakra so as to have satisfaction in your material life. Once this Chakra is balanced, you may go up toward the Sacral Chakra.

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